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Dungeon cards was developed by 717pixels and first published on Android in February 2018. In August 2018 it was published on the App Store under the name "Rogue Cards" and on January 27 2020 it was published in Steam.

Differences between platforms
There are no content differences between platforms, the only difference is in the monetization model. The Android version is free to play with the optional ads that can boost the earned gold and the ios/steam versions are paid versions with gold boost feature turned on by default. The android version also allows for quick unlock of different characters/powers/dungeons for real money.

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Dungeon cards have gained more than 1 million installs on Google Play and currently has a score of 4.4/5 on Android and 4.7/5 on App Store.

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The goal of the player is to move the character card about a field of nine cards. To move a character card the player has to collide it with one of the neighboring cards that can deal damage to the character, heal it, apply poison effect, give gold or do something else. The game design is a mixture of the card game, roguelike, and puzzle, and the ability to unlock and upgrade different characters adds some RPG elements to the mix.

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The game borrows the mechanics from the brilliant game "Look, your Loot!" and its graphics are based on the "16x16 Dungeon Tileset" by 0x72. Since the game release numerous players have helped to develop the game by translating it to the different languages, reporting bugs and offering interesting ideas. Here are some of the contributors: Jorge D. Urien, Fallorise, Adam Królewicz, Federico Renghi, Łukasz Tomczak, 김한길, Julie Artaud, The Icaruz, Luan Espedito, Rémi Germon, Johnattan Douglas, Mjiangjerry, Bing Wang (王冰), Marie Nde, Lilith la waifu, Paulin Lang, Agustín Camarena González, Tim Plata, Altay Başar, 김민수, Robin van Sint Annaland, Olivier Sandt, Pete Gi, Tobias Liebing, Mats Åkesson, Meduza B, BlackShift, Vitor Fernandes Barnabe, Diego Crusius, Takanori Murahashi, Arnas Margelis, Francesco Nati, haramey123, Sulfur Platinum.